Pwncollege Summary

About three days ago, I finished all the challenges in the and successfully earned blue belt, ranking here.

yellow belt ceremony

blue belt ceremony

It took me about 7 full months to finish this wonderful journey. This blog is not so much a “summary” as a milestone in my progress in the field of binary security. Unfortunately, due to the writeup policy by pwncollege, we are not allowed to share any writeup of the challenges because it would spoil the experience of new coming ASU students and other hackers who want to start or learn more.

For the next step, I will follow the CTF team, r3kapig, fighting for more CTFs and doing more projects with Atum. But one thing different is, they are a lot harder than what I did here, in pwncollege.

This is a quote that I use to commemorate my first CTF, which I am unable to solve any challenge in it. I would still like to reuse it here. Although it is not a good experience for a beginner, I know I will face more failure in the future than here.

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.” – Beckett